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What sets RVS apart from other garages?


Modern cars are more reliable, economical and refined than ever but this also means that they are increasingly complex.

The skills and equipment that are required to accurately diagnose and repair faults is an increasing challenge to independent businesses and examples of main dealerships being unable to identify and fix problems are frequent.

Rushden Vehicle Specialists is a collection of dedicated and highly skilled technicians who are proud to provide a first class service. A fault on a car is always an annoyance but having to return repeatedly to a garage or dealership who are unable to accurately diagnose a fault simply compounds the problem.

Simply put, Rushden Vehicle Specialists are confident that nobody offers a superior service when diagnosing and repairing your vehicle. Whether your car is new or old, a frugal diesel or tuned racing machine, RVS has the knowledge and technology to keep your vehicle in tip top condition and all at truly competitive prices.

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